In the modern classroom students play the lead role in the learning process. They build their own understanding of abstract concepts by accessing learning resources beyond textbooks and performing activities beyond the confines of the classroom walls.

This blog is a testimony of that teaching philosophy that the author adheres to.


Ariel C. Lalisan is a beginning Physics Teacher at Alabel National Science High School, the Regional Science High School for Region XII.

He graduated at Notre Dame of Marbel University in 2007 and is currently pursuing his master’s degree at the Mindanao State University-General Santos City Graduate School.

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  1. Hi Ariel,

    I was wondering if you do book reviews in your blog. If so, it would be a great honor for me, if you could review my book entitled “May Powers Ka to Be #SuperEpic.”

    What’s the book all about?

    In a nutshell, it’s a personal development and leadership book for young people.

    The book uses Marvel and DC Comics Superheroes as metaphors for leadership issues and principles. For example, Chapter 1 is about realizing the “powers” of young people and as Spiderman shows “great power equals great responsibility.”

    The other Superheroes alluded to in the book include Batman (Train for Action), Human Torch (Flame on, Pero Huwag Ma-burn out), Cyclops (Aim, then Fire), Nick Fury of the Avengers (Assemble Your Team), The Incredible Hulk (Smash the Problem, not the People), and Superman (Iwasan ang Kryptonite).

    The book is written in conversational Taglish, so it’s very easy to understand.

    If you have the time to spare, a short review will be appreciated. Please reply with your mailing address so I can send your copy of the book via Air21/LBC.

    To see the book cover and check out additional information about the book, please visit http://BeSuperEpic.com.

    The book is also on Goodreads and it has received about 23 Ratings and 7 reviews: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23152801-may-powers-ka-to-be-superepic.

    Hope to hear from you.

    thanks so much.


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