How to Be a Happy Teacher

DURING THE celebration the World Teachers’ Day I was tasked to interview retirees and use their stories to inspire teachers. One of the retirees I had the chance to interview was Mrs. Leticia E. Cabang, retired Schools Division Superintendent. She was the first SDS of…

3 Ways to Develop Intrinsic Motivation

AS TEACHERS it is imperative that we motivate our students before every lesson. We can think of so many ways to get them hooked into the lesson. There can be games. There can be rewards or prizes for good performance and behavior, or negative motivation…

5 Ways to Improve Your Thinking Skills

In this day and age, where competition for jobs and other opportunities is very stiff, one must have a significant edge over others. While talent is innate, skills can be learned and developed. Although being a genius might really be more of nature than nurture,…

Start the School Year Right: Set Clear Goals

IT’S THE start of the school year again. It won’t hurt if we make a plan before we embark on a new journey. In fact, I find it very important to set clear goals in order to see better where we are headed. Personally, I…


ONE THING I appreciate about teaching is that every day is always different. The experience in every session would always be distinct from each other even when you are teaching the same subject matter or even using the same strategy to deliver a particular lesson….

Raising the Bar

I am not stingy with praises and appreciation but I also wouldn’t keep my mouth shut in giving criticisms, especially when it comes to student outputs. I believe, it is my duty as a teacher to keep on encouraging my students to push their limits and help them ascend to greater heights.

What I Did During the Semestral Break 5 Years Ago

IT’S SEMESTRAL break again and students get the chance to do what they’d like to do and go where they’d like to go to unwind, loosen up, and detoxify after several months of coping with academic requirements.

I would just like to share what I did five years ago during the sem break. Here it is: