Top 3 virtual services for receiving SMS from Chinese phone numbers

If you need to get a Chinese virtual phone number to receive confirmation codes via SMS, you will have to pay them. So-called “free numbers” you might have run into on the internet could become a scam scheme. So, these insecure messages from dubious services could eventually end up in your data theft. That’s why you’d better choose a trustworthy provider who would offer you Chinese virtual phone numbers.

But once again, for essential things, get individual phone numbers and not those one-offs. If you need a free virtual number SMS to receive a confirmation code for account activation purposes or anything related to sensitive company data, like creating multiple email addresses that company employees could use, avoid disposable free numbers. Use paid ones.


The registration process on this website is as simple as it can be. When registering, you don’t even have to confirm your email address; enter it once, and that’s it. Then you need to select a particular Chinese social media website from the menu list. After you’ve entered your virtual phone number on Tencent QQ, Youku, Weibo, WeChat, or some other Chinese service, you’ll receive an SMS message in the OnlineSim system. Then copy the confirmation number sent from a Chinese website, and your account is registered.     

Using a virtual phone number, you will need neither a physical SIM card nor a phone. OnlineSIM service offers virtual SMS number online for mobile carriers from 31 countries, including China.  


The company boasts its service to be the best one for Chinese virtual numbers on the market, offering an option to buy a phone number and start receiving SMS messages in minutes.

Users have to pay $70.99 per month for the premium service plan, and the standard plan costs $24.99.

The company provides 24/7 support and several customizable free tools.

But, unfortunately, this SMS service is not compatible with verification codes for WhatsApp, PayPal, and accounts on some social media.

This service offers lots of free Chinese phone numbers for receiving SMS messages. According to the website, the whole number base is updated every week. The numbers are available from several days to a month. You don’t have to provide your mobile phone number for registration. A browser and an internet connection are enough to start using China-Phone-Number. 

The service claims that there’s no limit as to the frequency of using this website.

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