New Designation: Communications Officer

communications officer

I WAS called to the principal’s office this afternoon and was given a memorandum. It said:

You are hereby designated as the Communications Officer effective today, November 3, 2010.

And what exactly is a Communications Officer? I asked.

I was given the memorandum from the Division Office and it said:

The designated communications officers shall be tasked to:

  • assist and act as point person in addressing the issues raised by the public involving their schools and district offices;
  • inform this office of any untoward incidents in their respective areas and submit a detailed report within 24 hours to this office;
  • coordinate with the Communications Unit on official statements and reactions on existing issues.

Wow. I don’t quite understand what these tasks are and what would be their implications. Gladly, tomorrow, a meeting will be held with the Division Communications Officer, Arturo D. Tingson, Jr. Hopefully, I would be better oriented about the additional tasks that this designation entails.

Well, anyway, I have been doing extra tasks for the principal ever since I started teaching. Most of those tasks involve preparation of reports and communication. I somehow think that it wouldn’t be very different from the extra tasks I am handling at the moment. I just hope it wouldn’t give me pressures I could no longer withstand.

Ariel Lalisan

Ariel Lalisan

Ariel Lalisan is a physics teacher at Alabel National Science High School. He is an advocate of constructivism approach in education. He employs active learning and independent learning in his lessons, and, of course, a lot of technology integration. His goal is to produce students who can solve problems on their own using the concepts they learn in the classroom. Ariel Lalisan is a Google Certified Innovator (Google Teachers Academy Southeast Asia 2014) and a community leader at Google Educator Group Sarangani. He is a co-founder of SoCCSKSarGen and he won the Globe Media Excellence Blogger of the Year Award in 2015.

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