We’re Building a Classroom from Plastic Bottles

And We Need Your Help! INSPIRED BY the bottle classroom building initiated by Hug-It-Forward in Guatemala and by My Shelter Foundation here in the Philippines, we have planned to replicate this project in our own campus. We have two major reasons: 1) we don’t have…

Join the Earth Hour 2011 on March 26

EVERY YEAR, as the global population continues to increase and as societies become more dependent on electricity, the demand for energy skyrockets. At present, the world is largely dependent on petroleum products as source of energy, which we know is the major culprit for air…

31st Super Quiz Bee Regionals: Gold At Last!

BECAUSE THE other quizzers did not know when exocytosis occurs and what thylakoids are for, my student, Jade Mark Talaboc won as the Champion in the 31st Super Quiz Bee Regional Eliminations held at the DepEd Region XII building yesterday.

My Google Science Fair 2011 Package

I asked for a Google Science Fair 2011 instructional materials last month so that I could relay the information to them and encourage them to participate. The package contains printed information about the Google Science Fair. I received posters, handouts, and stickers.

Interact Club Visits Sitio Flume

I EXPECTED that it would be different when you attend an out-of-town trip as the club adviser. I expected that FUN would be the last adjective you’d think of to describe the experience. Of course, you wouldn’t only be thinking about ensuring that the objectives…

The Google Global Science Fair is On!

YOU MIGHT just be the brightest young scientist that Google is looking for! Google recently launched the Google Science Fair 2011 for kids all over the world who are full-time students and within 13-18 years old.

MSU-SASE 2011 Results Now Available

THE MINDANAO State University – System and Admission Scholarship Examination (MSU-SASE) 2001 Results are now out. Here are the results for Alabel National Science High School:

UPCAT 2011 Results for RSHS XII

THE UPCAT Results were released yesterday and immediately looked for my students’ names in when I learned about it. It is our pride when our students go to the University of the Philippines for their tertiary education.

Stargazing during Science Camp 2010

ONE OF the activities conducted during the 2010 Science Camp of Alabel National Science High School was Stargazing, which I was tasked to facilitate. It wasn’t the best time to look at the stars since the moon was shining brightly and some portions of the sky…