Are We Ready for the Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program?

This is the first part of the series of articles I will write about this significant education issue. In this post, I introduced the Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program based on the Discussion Paper published by the DepEd during the celebration of the World Teachers’ Day,October 5. In my next posts, I will attempt to explore the necessary preparations that the whole education must do before this reform pushes through. I will also try to look into the public perception with regards this developments in the education sector.

The Challenge of Teaching Physics

I SOMETIMES find it annoying that whenever people know that I teach Physics 90% of the time they would give me that wow-you-are-amazing look. In my head I would ask, Have you finished high school? Did you not have physics back then? But I could not blame them because, as the website puts it, physics has a bad reputation.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Today, the world celebrates the heroism of teachers who endure all the challenges of the profession in order to carry out their duty. Like all teachers all over the world, I am thankful to those people who take a backward glance and recognize their contribution of their teachers to their success.

Teaching Values in School

This afternoon, the senior boys were called by their adviser. Reportedly, these boys made us, teachers, objects of ridicule by following the way we walk. Yeah, I was not spared. (I wonder if they could follow my Mr. University walk. Lol.) These students were led by the same guys who tagged each teacher obscene names when they were still in their freshman year

What?! No Homework on Weekends?!

WELL, I should not panic. The memo (Memorandum No. 392) issued by the Department of Education applies only to elementary schools. Okay, I could still give assignments to my students on weekends.

No, don’t get me wrong. I don’t give assignments to my students to simply make their lives miserable. Come to think of it, the teacher needs to assess the students’ outputs afterward. In other words, giving assignments to students also means additional work for the teacher.