e-Learning in Physics: Hopes and Fears

THERE’S A gazillion of learning opportunities in the web today and if we can only harness its full potential, we can enhance the students’ learning experience and, consequently, improve their performance. There is wisdom behind the Department of Education’s Cyber Education Project (CEP). Had traditional…

The Physics Teacher as Environmental Education Teacher

WE CELEBRATE the month of June as Environment Month and we usually hold activities such as tree-planting, coastal cleanups, and forums and symposiums about critical global issues such as climate change. Aside from that, teachers also integrate environmental education in their lessons. Usually, we leave…


ONE THING I appreciate about teaching is that every day is always different. The experience in every session would always be distinct from each other even when you are teaching the same subject matter or even using the same strategy to deliver a particular lesson….

Raising the Bar

I am not stingy with praises and appreciation but I also wouldn’t keep my mouth shut in giving criticisms, especially when it comes to student outputs. I believe, it is my duty as a teacher to keep on encouraging my students to push their limits and help them ascend to greater heights.

What I Did During the Semestral Break 5 Years Ago

IT’S SEMESTRAL break again and students get the chance to do what they’d like to do and go where they’d like to go to unwind, loosen up, and detoxify after several months of coping with academic requirements.

I would just like to share what I did five years ago during the sem break. Here it is: