Official Entries to the 2011 Buwan ng Wika Blog Writing Contest

THE CONTEST is officially on.

Fifteen students bloggers will compete for the SAKAFIL and The Teacher’s Notebook Buwan ng Wika Blog Writing Contest .

Following are the official entries:

entries to the 2011 buwan ng wika blog writing contest


There will be weekly winners and they will be awarded during the Buwan ng Wika Culmination Program.

Not only the entries will be judged. The involvement of other students and friends in discussing the theme will also be taken into consideration.

Good luck to all the participants.

Ariel Lalisan

Ariel Lalisan

Ariel Lalisan is a physics teacher at Alabel National Science High School. He is an advocate of constructivism approach in education. He employs active learning and independent learning in his lessons, and, of course, a lot of technology integration. His goal is to produce students who can solve problems on their own using the concepts they learn in the classroom. Ariel Lalisan is a Google Certified Innovator (Google Teachers Academy Southeast Asia 2014) and a community leader at Google Educator Group Sarangani. He is a co-founder of SoCCSKSarGen and he won the Globe Media Excellence Blogger of the Year Award in 2015.

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