S & T Fair and Sci-Math Summit opens in Tagaytay

FOR THE first time, the National Science and Mathematics Summit for Regional Science High Schools (RSHSs) and the National Science and Technology Fair are held side by side in the same venue with the theme, “Unleashing the Power of Scientific Minds.” The 3rd National Science and Mathematics Summit for 17 Regional…

An Afternoon at the Museum

Unbeknownst to many, the National Museum is also involved in scientific researches especially in botany and zoology. They do collection, classification, and preservation of plant and animal species, especially the ones that are endemic in Philippine provinces.

Active Learning in Optics and Photonics

WHAT I really like about teaching here at the Regional Science High School is that you get the chance to participate in a lot of seminars and workshops. This workshop, Active Learning in Optics and Photonics (ALOP), that I am attending now at the UP-NISMED is one of the many…


ONE THING I appreciate about teaching is that every day is always different. The experience in every session would always be distinct from each other even when you are teaching the same subject matter or even using the same strategy to deliver a particular lesson. This observation has become more…

Raising the Bar

I am not stingy with praises and appreciation but I also wouldn’t keep my mouth shut in giving criticisms, especially when it comes to student outputs. I believe, it is my duty as a teacher to keep on encouraging my students to push their limits and help them ascend to greater heights.

PhET: A Vast Resource for Science and Mathematics Teachers

According to the Sensory Stimulation Theory, there is greater learning if the different senses are stimulated at the same time. That is why, we always have to use visual aids during lectures, why we make students simulate real-life physical phenomena in the laboratory, and a host of other teaching strategies wherein the students make us of their senses.

What I Did During the Semestral Break 5 Years Ago

IT’S SEMESTRAL break again and students get the chance to do what they’d like to do and go where they’d like to go to unwind, loosen up, and detoxify after several months of coping with academic requirements.

I would just like to share what I did five years ago during the sem break. Here it is:

Bibliarch opens in GenSan

The Bibliarch in GenSan is the third branch of the said bookstore chain in the country, the other two being at Glorietta 3 and Walter Mart.

Visit the shop at the 2nd Level Entrance, North Wing (J. Catolico St.) of KCC Mall of GenSan to see for yourself the wide array of books.