Senior High School Launching in Sarangani


the Senior High School program will be launched in the Division of Sarangani tomorrow. Each qualified high school and integrated school in the province will be presenting their intention and readiness to offer the different strands of the senior high school program under the K to 12 curriculum. The different tracks are as follows: Academic…

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QR Code Scavenger Hunt: A Fun Way to Hold a Quiz


Most students dread quizzes. Especially in a physics class. It usually involves sitting for a long time, recalling all those lessons and equations that you probably have forgotten. One fitting description for this experience:quizzes are boring. Because of that perception towards quizzes, students tend to get low scores even if they actually understood your lesson…

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5 Reasons Why Teachers have to be Active in Social Media  

Teachers at AlSci learn online tools for teaching, including social media.

The role of teachers in educating their students goes beyond the classroom. This time I am not talking about teaching strategies that use resources outside the classroom. I am talking about the opportunity of influencing them beyond school hours, beyond the school curriculum. I think you now know what I mean. When I decided to…

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My Top 10 Favorite Google Search Features

google search

You must be very familiar with Google Search. In fact, for your online search for whatever information you need, you rely on Google Search. But there’s more to Google Search than just search. In this post, let me share with you my top 10 favorite Google Search features. Google Search works by crawling web pages…

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Grade 7 Science: Metals, Non-Metals, and Metalloids

THE ELEMENTS in the periodic table are cleverly arranged according to their atomic numbers and properties. You will find out that you can predict the properties of an element by looking at its placement in the periodic table. Metals, metalloids,and non-metals also have their designated places in the periodic table. In this presentation, the arrangement…

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Grade 7 Science: Acids and Bases

acid base indicator

Substances may also be classified into acids and bases. In the laboratory, we identified which common household substances are acidic or basic by using blue and red litmus paper. We tested the following substances: toothpaste vinegar calamansi detergent powder chlorine soda The substances were dissolved in water. Blue and red litmus paper were dipped in…

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Grade 7 Science: Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

As a culminating lesson, I held an interactive lecturette with my students, where we summarized what we have learned the first two chapters of the Learner’s Material for Grade 7 Science. We first recalled the big ideas behind the previous laboratory activities from properties of solutions, concentration, and properties pure substances. The latest of which…

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Transforming the Classroom with Google


IN THIS post I wrote a narrative of my presentation during the GDays General Santos held at SM City General Santos on May 3, 2014, organized by Google Business Group GenSan. Here is the presentation: When I decided to become a teacher, I vowed to not just be a teacher who can teach, but one…

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Review Questions: Earth and Environmental Science

Hi, Grade 7 students! Here is a set of questions based on the topics we have discussed in class. This is only the first set. Answer this as part of your requirements, but I hope you also see the opportunity to use these questions to review the important concepts in our lessons in Earth and…

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