My Top 10 Favorite Google Search Features

google search

You must be very familiar with Google Search. In fact, for your online search for whatever information you need, you rely on Google Search. But there’s more to Google Search than just search. In this post, let me share with you my top 10 favorite Google Search features. Google Search works by crawling web pages…

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Grade 7 Science: Metals, Non-Metals, and Metalloids

THE ELEMENTS in the periodic table are cleverly arranged according to their atomic numbers and properties. You will find out that you can predict the properties of an element by looking at its placement in the periodic table. Metals, metalloids,and non-metals also have their designated places in the periodic table. In this presentation, the arrangement…

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Grade 7 Science: Acids and Bases

acid base indicator

Substances may also be classified into acids and bases. In the laboratory, we identified which common household substances are acidic or basic by using blue and red litmus paper. We tested the following substances: toothpaste vinegar calamansi detergent powder chlorine soda The substances were dissolved in water. Blue and red litmus paper were dipped in…

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Grade 7 Science: Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

As a culminating lesson, I held an interactive lecturette with my students, where we summarized what we have learned the first two chapters of the Learner’s Material for Grade 7 Science. We first recalled the big ideas behind the previous laboratory activities from properties of solutions, concentration, and properties pure substances. The latest of which…

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Grade 7 Student-Made Presentations

Here are the presentations created by my Grade 7 students. These presentations contain information about Geographic Coordinate System and how it is used in determ Grade 7 Earth Geographic Coordinate System Water Resources & Biodiversity Factors Affecting Watersheds Formation of Soil from Rocks Geological Resources & Mineral Deposits The Earth’s Atmosphere Winds Energy Resources in…

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Grade 7 Catch Up Activities


Hi, guys! Here are the topics for our catch up activities. Please prepare¬†a PowerPoint Presentation containing the following information. Be ready to present your PPT in the class. I am expecting your PPTs on Monday, February 17, 2013. ¬† Topic # 1: Where in the world is the Philippines? What is the Geographic Coordinate System?…

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Educational Video Project

The following topics are applications of the topics we have recently discussed in class. What you will do is to come up with a short video featuring 10 Important Things that People Should know about these topics: Group I – The Telephone and Cellular Communication Systems Group II – The Television and Radio Communication Systems…

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